Monday, 18 November 2013

A Mature Debate

Professor John Ashton's remarks are an invitation to make it a criminal offence for any person to engage in any sexual act with or upon anyone under the age of 18 who was more than two (or possibly three) years younger than himself, or to incite any such person to commit any such act with or upon him or any third party anywhere in the world.

The maximum sentence would be imprisonment for twice the difference in age, or for life where that difference was five years or more. The victims of these crimes, probably most of them, would be Thatcher competent, there being no excuse for blaming Mrs Gillick who opposed it rather than Mrs Thatcher who imposed it. That would be a very good and welcome reason to revisit Thatcher competence.

1 comment:

  1. Something else to add to the long list of desperately needed legislation not being debated in Parliament because the man who should be proposing it is not there. Someone should be made to pay for that. Wasn't there someone they made a councillor ahead of you years ago, blocking your progress? Where is he now? Is he in Parliament, putting down amendments like this?