Monday, 4 February 2013

Tomorrow's Vote On Nothing

At least a third of Conservatives voting against will be doing so in order to placate their constituency parties.

At least a third of Labourites voting in favour will be doing so in order to placate ... well, whom, exactly?

And the Bill itself will never reach Third Reading. Nor will this issue itself ever again be revived by any Government.

On the contrary, any future Government will do what they all do best to any inconvenient backbench initiative: ensure that it dies of sheer neglect.


  1. You keep telling yourself that.

    It is, after all, easier than facing the obvious reason that your party is overwhelmingly voting in favour of the abolition of marriage-while the only two parties with significant numbers of members against this, are both on the Right.


  2. Two? I mean, there are no doubt dozens if we are counting those with no seats.

    The Tories defecting to UKIP are mostly doing so over same-sex "marriage". But Farage was in favour of that until Cameron decided to legislate for it.

    He is also still on record in favour of the legalisation of drugs (a position for which he sacks junior functionaries) and the legalisation of prostitution.

  3. To quote Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party
    " "I'll be voting for equal marriage in the House of Commons and I'll be doing so proudly," he said.
    "I will be doing so in a proud Labour tradition which saw us repeal Section 28, equalise the age of consent, introduce new rules on adoption and introduce civil partnerships.
    "I'll be voting for equal marriage for a very simple reason: I don't think that the person you love should determine the rights you have. That's why I'll be voting for equal marriage, along with the rest of the shadow cabinet.
    "I'll be urging other Labour MPs to maximise our vote so that we can get a decisive majority in the House of Commons, it can then pass through the House of Lords and we can get it into legislation.
    "When we do, it will be another important step forward in the fight for equality in Britain."

    Can't really be any more clear than that

  4. That that is how he will be voting, no. But we knew that, anyway.

    It's never going to happen.

  5. Oh yes it is...what will you do when it does?