Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Make England British Again

Long resident in Scotland, one of this site's most insightful critics has today posted this Facebook status update:

Just back from the dentist. Free check up. Just like the free eye tests and prescriptions that we get up here.

When my wife goes into labour, I won't be paying at the hospital car park. Where I live, the students get free university tuition and the elderly get free personal care. All of them. Totally free. Coalitions including Lib Dems introduced both policies. The Conservatives voted FOR the latter.

This April will mark six years since the last Council Tax rise. Council Tax is the most regressive tax after tobacco duty. There is evidence that our economy is growing. Crime is at a thirty year low. We didn't have riots but we do still have the EMA. We're building social housing.

How much of this is true, in the country I grew up in?


  1. Oh dear Lord, I know it's just a Facebook update, not sophisticated political commentary, but it doesn't sink much lower than blaming the riots on 'cuts'.

    Even Harriet Harman didn't quite sink that low-and Michael Gove was far more courteous to her than I would have been.

  2. It's just what the darkies do, isn't it?

  3. "it's just what the darkies do"

    It's what undisciplined, fatherless "me-generation" louts do.

    But I absolutely agree with you.

    The delightful young men who pulled innocent people off motorbikes, set shop-keepers on fire, robbed Good Samaritans, nicked TV's and burned working-class people's life's work to the floor, were obviously motivated by political opposition to so-called 'cuts (silly me).

    Believe that, along with the ultra-delusional UK Uncut loonies- and make yourself a total laughing stock.

    Otherwise, join the real world.

  4. I need no lectures on the real world from you.

  5. You obviously haven't joined it yet.

    Unlike you, I actually lived in Croydon while this was happening, and I happen to know that ordinary people (who often suffered assaults or had their livelihoods ruined by these yobs) have nothing but utter contempt for the puerile excuse-making of you people on the Left.

    If you'd browsed Facebook at the time, you would have seen the views expressed by working-class Londoners, when Harriet Harman tried to make excuses for these looters.

    Their views were expressed in much less polite language than is permissible on this blog.

    Those disgusting yobs do not represent Britain's decent, law-abiding working class-who were their main victims.