Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Show Some Energy

Don't get carried away over shale gas. We have no idea how much of it we have, and in any case we already have the means to practically limitless energy.

It is called nuclear power, which the last Government very strongly supported because that is the position of the trade unions, whereas the present one supports windfarms because they favour, and are favoured by, large landowners.

Nuclear power, and this country's vast reserves of coal: we know that they are there, and we know that they work. But they employ people, and the wrong sort of people at that, rather than merely funnelling public funds into the pockets of those who are already enormously rich.

The utilisation of any source of energy depends on government action. It is a matter of deciding on what, and on whom, that taxpayers' money is to be spent, and why. A Government headed by the man who not only turned up to the Durham Miners' Gala, but who told it that he was going to reopen the pits, is the only Government that you can really trust on these matters. All else is pink and green.

Furthermore, public ownership is British ownership, it safeguards the Union, and its means of defending both the sovereignty and the integrity of this nation frequently even had the word "British" in their names.

Moreover, remember that wildly inflated fuel prices, falling particularly hard on the poor (including very many of the old), are being enforced as part of the war against secure and skilled employment, against the paternal authority thus possessed of the necessary economic basis, against global economic development, against travel by us common people, and against our access to the meat that we are designed to eat.

Both by his attendance at, and by his words to, the Big Meeting, Ed Miliband made it perfectly clear that he was starting to get the message and to see the point. Neither of the mincing metrosexual parties has ever even begun to do so. Neither of them ever will. Neither of them ever can.

Ed Miliband, over to you.

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