Friday, 8 February 2013

Oh, Gove Over

Even those commenting on a Daily Telegraph editorial have spent all day laughing out the suggestion that yesterday's humiliation was any sort of victory. They are also most unconvinced at the attempt to blame "the Left" for legislation enacted in 1988 against opposition from every single Labour MP of the day. As for the claim by Fraser Nelson and others that most schools are now "free" from the control of local authorities, what about once there is a Labour Education Secretary? Conservative advocates of this policy have never thought of that.

And those schools are only now "independent" (nationalised) because they have been made to be, the better to enrich sponsors who award all contracts to companies owned by themselves, send the entire bills to the taxpayer, and then make gigantic contributions to the Conservative Party. One of those sponsors has just been made a Peer of the Realm and an Education Minister. As over the expenses of his nominal boss, Michael Gove, and of his colleague, David Laws, no arrests are expected.

The teaching unions are not, and have never been, affiliated to the Labour Party. Various Far Left groupuscules, than which no one hates the Labour Party more, hold considerable sway in at least one of them, the largest. If they are pro-Labour, then they had a very funny way of showing it the last time that Labour was in.

The ability of Labour central government to defecate on its own party's municipal base is the stuff of legend. Direct control of schools in "partnership" with the commercial Shadow State would suit Stephen Twigg down to the ground. The Blairites always wanted to do it. Gove, himself a Blairite, now has.

Twigg is notable only for having removed Michael Portillo from Parliament. He himself went on to lose that seat in 2005, so he had to be parachuted into Liverpool in 2010. He doubtless does the most hilarious Scouse accent at parties, telling everyone to calm down. Mind you, if Peter Mandelson can do the famously inimitable Hartlepool accent, then I really will be impressed.

Meanwhile, take-up of the flagship "free" schools policy is negligible.


  1. This post sums up the ideological pauperisation of the Left.

    No ideas whatsoever.
    Could someone on the mad Left please explain to me what on Earth was wrong with scrapping GCSE's, which are less valuable, more numerous (and considerably easier to obtain) than Scout badges?

    GCSE's (like Balls's policy of bribing 17-year-olds to go to school, while bringing in Polis workers to do the jobs they won't do) make us the laughing stock of the world.

    Which is perhaps why the egalitarian, 'anti-elitist' anti-competition Left love them so much.

  2. I see your old mucker Jon has set one up, the Greenwich Free School

  3. Says it all. Not least when you consider what a Shadow State apparatchik he is.