Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Great Deal of Agreement


  1. But it's all baloney.

    Labour are now reverting to type, reviving the class war by stealing Vince Cable's mansion tax.

    It's the return of those bitter, jealous, twisted old class warriors.


  2. You haven't listened to it, obviously. Frankly, it would be beyond you.

    All class war politics in Britain in my lifetime has come from the Right. Ever since the 1997 Election, the Conservative Party has stood for absolutely nothing else, if it ever did. UKIP is that on steroids.

    And if your party wants to be, by 2015, the only party against the mansion tax (not how I'd have done it, but there we are), then go right ahead. UKIP, the party for people who are not interested in politics.

  3. Now, now, no need for rudeness, old chap. You are getting grumpy in your old age.

    I'm younger than you and all class war politics in my lifetime has come from the Left.

    We certainly oppose the mansion tax; do you class-warrior loons want Britain to attract and keep wealth-creators-or become the new France, whose wealthy classes are all moving abroad to become refugees from the class war?

    Labour, the party for the economically illiterate and the envious.

    The "call in the IMF" party.

  4. I'm younger than you and all class war politics in my lifetime has come from the Left.

    Then you simply have not been paying attention. Not even in the slightest degree.

    It is Osborne who is about to bring in the IMF, if they don't just bring themselves in. That never happened under Brown and Darling. Those two left this country out of recession, and recovering nicely.

  5. You didn't answer the point about France, whose wealth-creators are leaving in droves to escape their class-warrior Left.

  6. We in UKIP oppose Labour's nasty class-war taxes not because we love rich people-but because we want wealth-creators to come here, instead of fleeing here.

    Labour wouldn't understand anything as sensible as that-they want to emulate Hollande and tax rich people out of the country.

    Who does that help? Certainly not the poor.

  7. And there it is again. Although I repeat that the mansion tax is not how would have done it.

    We have had that Menenius, though also and now increasingly the Coriolanus, type of class war politics since before you were born. Look where it has got us.

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with the original link, to which you obviously have not listened.