Friday, 8 February 2013

EU Couldn't Make It Up

David Cameron should now resign in favour of the Party Leader who denied his claim that a reduction in the EU Budget was impossible, who called for a real-terms cut in the British contribution rather than for the increase that has been agreed today despite the overall cut (just how incompetent is that?), and who convinced the majority of the House of Commons on both counts, contrary to Cameron's three-line Whip.

Or is this another "triumph", like Michael Gove's yesterday? In that case, Cameron will not mind a Commons vote on it. Will he?


  1. Yes, the man who promised an in/out referendum should stand aside for the chap who said "we don't want a referendum". Or not.

    But to the substance of the issue...

    Do you know why the budget will keep going up, despite this cut?

    Because Miliband's Labour Party gave away almost all our rebate.

    Now this gang of frauds opportunistically pretend to be against a budget rise-and you're the only one credulous enough to buy it.

    The naivety is utterly hilarious.

    Pity you don't try (just once) applying the scepticism you apply to the Tories, to you're own side.

  2. You won't mind a Commons vote, then? That would certainly smoke out any genuine Tory rebels, prepared to do it even when they could thereby defeat the Government.

  3. The spin on this story is Campbell-esque. The contribution that the UK makes to the EU is going up, yet the amount of EU funding that we will be eligible for will go down. All the media will say its a victory. If I had negotiated that sort of deal I would be ashamed to get off the plane.

  4. Well said, Liam.

    "I'd be ashamed to get off the plane"

    Wow, if that's the scale of your embarrassment here, what on Earth would you do if you were representing a Labour Party that caused this...because it gave away half our rebate for nothing!

    I presume you'd be too embarrassed to get out of bed.

  5. I do not represent the Labour Party. Liam does, though.

    The rebate was only ever Thatcher's way of making her braindead supporters forget that she had signed the Single European Act, a piece of political integration so great that it could never be equalled.

    To this day, even UKIP talks about "staying in the Single Market". Dead from the neck up. Apart from the gob, obviously.

  6. That's not the point-stop dodging the issue. Liam was lambasting Cameron for our rising contribution to the EU-I'm pointing out the reason it's rising is because Labour gave away much of our rebate for nothing!

    So Labour are the last people who can make political capital out of this!

    As to you're other point-laughable. Are Norway and Switzerland in the EU? Are they still in the single market?

    Right. Is the Labour party proposing Single Market withdrawal?

    No-they're not even proposing EU withdrawal-or even a referendum on such an awful thing.

    So you are, so to speak, in no position to talk.

  7. Cameron could have said "not a penny more" if he had wanted to. Instead, he has delivered a British increase while the overall Budget is going down. Beyond parody. Let him lay that before the House.

  8. Labour could have said "not a penny more" on the two occasions they agreed to inflation-busting budget increases-or the occasion they surrendered our compensation for nothing.

    Now they (and you and Liam) suddenly pretend to be upset by rising EU budgets, now that they're not in power.

    Beyond parody.