Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Throw It Back

The simplest of legislation would restore the supremacy of British law and use that restoration to take back our historic fishing limits in accordance with international law: 200 miles, or to the median line.

Withdrawal from the Common Fisheries Policy, which cannot in fact be done without restoring the supremacy of our Parliament, is at least implicit Labour policy already. But you are not allowed to know that. It was also David Davis's position when he stood for Leader of the Conservative Party. But you were not allowed to know that, either.

David Cameron is no liar. He stood for Leader and then for Prime Minister as a socially ultraliberal slave of the EU. He serves both as Leader and as Prime Minister as a socially ultraliberal slave of the EU. Everyone who voted for him, he is giving you exactly what you voted for.


  1. Davis is excellent, but the BBC hates Right-wing Tories and successfully killed off his leadership bid.

    But here's a question for Lindsay-would a man with David Davis's views (pr-Section 28, pro-death penalty, pro grammar schools, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion) ever have reached the final round of a Labour Party leadership contest?

    We know the answer. And that tells us that no hope will ever come from that quarter.

    It's absurd to look to the Tories for hope. But it's even more absurd to look to Labour for hope.

    Recover your radicalism-and look elsewhere.