Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On Not Joining UKIP

No matter how many times I am told below the line that I should because the cuts do not go far enough and do not really exist, and because the party somehow believes in traditional moral values wildly at variance with its apparently defining economic ones. Defining one's political position in terms of economics, with everything else fitted around that, is of course the purest Marxism.

My friend Ken Bell and his friends may think that UKIP is the new vehicle for the old Hard Left and for workerist politics; he used to say that he was against cross-class alliances, but in that case why was he ever in the Labour Party? My friend Samuel Howard Fletcher may think that UKIP is the new vehicle for socially conservative One Nation Toryism.

I would very much like them on board for several developing cross-party and non-party projects. But I shall not be joining them in UKIP. Or joining any other political party, for the foreseeable future. I am far too busy with politics to be going back to all of that.


  1. Greatly looking forward to these projects.

    I increasingly think of you are the rightful MP for this seat, the person living here who most ought to be one. No wonder you write about Jacobitism.

  2. I second that. Your health problems are tragic but the local party has a lot to answer for, Neil Fleming especially. Where is he now? Self-important prick with nothing to back it up 20 years ago, still one now.

    I know Pat Glass and her husband are your friends, you go to the same church, you are on the parish council with him and you used to be with her too. But she was not even the best candidate on that women only short list, she was just the only local one who was older than 23.

    And the only one with views close to yours when it looked like you would still put up with the support of all your old Derwentside machine mates as well as the priests. No wonder she abstained on gay marriage. Only one person on that list was as good as you, it is even more shocking she is not an MP than you since she is a Labour woman. She is on radio and TV sometimes.

    I wept when I heard you were back in hospital just before nominations opened, broke down and cried, that doesn't exactly happen very often. Several people, male and female, who had been at school with us did the same thing.