Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nigel Farage Is A Cult

As Marta Andreasen might put it.

UKIP has been in chaos for years, some of it a lot worse than this, complete with criminal convictions.

But no one ever seems to report any of it, at least not with anything like the prominence that is afforded to Nigel Farage. Who is there, though, purely for comic relief.


  1. Your just bitter UKIP are the only party who advocate withdrawal-while your own party's policy on this (as on gay marriage) is a laughing stock.

    The same thing exactly happened to Gordon Brown-people in the Labour Party calling him a bully, a psychopath, and accusing him of being autistic, or shouting and throwing things.

    he too was accused of being "anti-women" by Caroline Flint. Or had you forgotten?

    You, being the silly little light-weight partisan that you are, only raise Marta Andreasan because your clutching at any little bit of dirt you can throw at UKIP.

    As if the words of some disgruntled party member who once said the party was under-performing under Farage (she can't say that now, can she?) and plays the "it's because I is a woman" card, actually matters.

    As if Farage is the only leader who has dusgruntled people griping about him in his ranks.

    Grow up, Dave. This stuff is beneath you.

  2. He'll be gone after Eastleigh. If UKIP is a serious party. Is it?

    And I am not a member of any political party.