Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How And Why Labour Must Win Eastleigh

It depends on the Labour candidate, and then on the campaigning strategy, such as whether or not there is one. If Labour wanted any seat this year, then it could have it. But does it want it?

If it does, then that will send a signal across Hampshire and all parts West, where the battle between what are now the two Coalition parties has in fact made the difference between a majority Government and a hung Parliament at every General Election for many years now.

But the Coalition, both in itself and in its wicked works, has changed the weather. If Labour comes up with the right candidates, and if it then bothers to campaign for them, in Hampshire, in the West Country, and everywhere else.

One Nation, indeed.

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  1. But instead we have to make do with Harman as Deputy Leader. Even Tom Watson for all is gifts and about to be proved right over Thatcher and Peter Righton is still too tribal, he doesn't get this sort of thing. You are older than Chuka, far older than someone like Rachel "Eliza Doolittle" Reeves. The elderly allowance grubbers of your local party should be taken out and shot.