Friday, 1 February 2013

Easily Replaced

As, together with "unimpressive", Nigel Lawson today describes the City boys who keep threatening to leave the country if they do not get their own way. He also calls for the whole of RBS to be nationalised, so as to force it to lend to business. That's right. Nigel Lawson.

But he is still only halfway there. Investment banking and retail banking should be split completely. All of the banks should be turned into mutual building societies, ironclad as such by statute, the same Statute Law that already forbids building societies from engaging in investment banking.

Apart, that is, from the public stakes in HBOS and RBS, which should indeed be increased to 100 per cent. Those are permanent, non-negotiable safeguards of the Union, as public ownership always is. Therefore, the profits from each of those stakes should be divided equally among all the households in the United Kingdom.


  1. That's funny, when I saw Maurice Glasman on Jeremy Paxman he was arguing nationalisation was a terrible model of running an economy which meant that "clever people with PPE's from oxford, sitting in Whitehall...pull all the levers of power" while ordinary folks are disenfranchised.

    He was even saying Labour's 1945 model of nationalisation was a failure.

    He almost sounded like a conservative, for a moment.

    But he didn't advance the best argument against state ownership (of welfare, of healthcare etc).

    That it's the route to tyranny.

    We see it in the US already-national healthcare means Catholic Universities, hospitals and businesses forced to dole out free contraception by federal mandate.

    Small businesses forced to switch their employees to part-time or pay fines.

    They shouldn't complain-if you vote for tyranny, that is what you will get.

  2. Do try and remember which character you are supposed to be writing in, in the course of a single comment.

  3. My apologies, I thought you were Catholic. You support Obama's totalitarian healthcare project, which has already triggered Catholic lawsuits?

    I thought you were a Glasman fan-you didn't see his criticisms of Labour's 1945 nationalisation model?

  4. The first been seem top have been resolved within the last few hours. People are hailing a miracle, but the whole thing was entirely predictable.

    I am not a "fan", of Maurice or anyone else. He would laugh uproariously at the suggestion. As for nationalisation, even Nigel Lawson now supports it of a bank, and dismisses the banker boys with contempt.

    By all means go into the 2015 Election promising to abolish the NHS. You will be doing so, anyway, since the views of you party's leading members are very much a matter of record. Welcome to proper scrutiny. You wanted the big time. Here it is.

  5. "the whole thing was entirely predictable"

    What was "entirely predictable" was that, once they nationalised healthcare,the Left would use its power to impose its prejudices on the masses.

    It'll happen again, now they've opened the door to it.

    In Britain, we have a health service that is used as a political weapon by Labour. A health service that provides free abortions and free sex-change ops, but won't provide 'free' drugs for unfashionable forms of cancer (those that affect the elderly, specifically men etc) only the headline-grabbing types (breast cancer etc).

    Nationalisation of medicine is the politicisation of medicine.

    The Catholic Church will soon learn that.

    Their enemies in the political Left now have power over people's health-and will use that as a tool of oppression.

  6. Britain had the NHS for a generation before legalised abortion, and it was Thatcher who legalised it up to birth.

    It was always pure scaremongering that ObamaCare involved federally funded abortion. On the contrary, it specifically precluded it. And now the contraceptive mandate has turned out to have been a lie as well. As we always knew.

    Do go into the General Election promising that UKIP will abolish the NHS, though.

  7. Deary me, Dave.

    You really don't get it do you?

    Whether or not the contraceptive mandate was what its supporters said it was, (and it was Labour that legalised abortion) is not the point.

    The point is that these things are bound to happen with a Government-run health system.

    Because the nationalisation of healthcare is the politicisation of healthcare.

    When you understand what that means, you will see why it's incompatible with a free society.

  8. Not at all. 12-week time limits and outright bans are the norm in the socialised healthcare systems of Western Europe, and the fact that healthcare is delivered at public expense is an argument routinely deployed to keep things that way.

    It is America that has had abortion on demand at every stage of pregnancy for 40 years and counting, in no small measure due to the subsequent judicial appointments by Ronald Reagan, who had previously legalised abortion in California.

    There is no suggestion that the ban on federal funding of abortion in America will ever be lifted; even people who want it to be bemoan, but cannot dispute, the fact that it is never going to happen. A move to the full federal funding of universal healthcare would thus render abortion effectively impossible. As in much of Europe, in fact.