Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Earning And Belonging

It is a bit too long to post in full here.

But Jon Cruddas provides manna and water in the historiographical and philosophical desert of the Coalition and of its media-approved non-opponents.

Those are variously Blairite and Loony Right. As if anyone could tell the difference. As if there were one.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed at how much of that I agreed with. So honestly, how prevalent is this thinking writhin the Labour Party and does it come without a troubling side order of cultural Marxism?

David Lindsay said...

Jon Cruddas is Head of the Policy Review, hand-picked by Ed Miliband, who also gave Maurice Glasman a peerage. Seems "prevalent" enough to me. For now, anyway. There are other factions, of course. But none of them is in charge at the moment.

Anonymous said...

You have been saying all of this but better for nearly 20 years.