Friday, 1 February 2013

After Real Labour, The Real Tories?

On Question Time, Alan Johnson, since Blairites are still the only Labourites ever allowed on it, pointed out the strong support for nuclear power from Labour Copeland Borough Council, with the blockage coming from the Conservatives on Cumbria County Council. But it is a complete waste of time trying to explain the realities of energy policy. That debate has been carved up between George Monbiot and James Delingpole.

Speaking of which latter, he was the only Loony Righty on Question Time this week, which is unusual, since there are usually two and not uncommonly three, that last being the norm on Newsnight discussions. Although famously not a member of David Dimbleby's Bullingdon Club, it is difficult to imagine that anyone who had also not attended the same Oxford college as that BBC grandee would have been allowed back on the air after anything like the Corby fiasco.

But even he articulated his doubts about intervention in Mali, with both Lord West and Michael Portillo using This Week to express themselves explicitly against it. Foreign policy realism seems to be making a comeback. In the next Parliament, to be dominated by the re-emerged Real Labour, will the other main voice be that of the re-emerged Real Tories? And might their media spear-carriers include even Michael Portillo and James Delingpole?

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