Monday, 4 February 2013

A Blair Of Very Little Brain

Only Blairite retreads are allowed on air. Now apparently including even the old monster himself. The Labour Party as it now exists is so completely starved of coverage that Blair can bemoan a lack of ideas and no one corrects him.

If Blair had ever read anything, then he would know that this had all been going on for years. His own period either as Labour Leader or as Prime Minister was not exactly noted for its intellectual stimulation. The same goes for the media that are still obsessed with him. He is suitably undemanding on the mind for them.

And now that an almost 1970s-like three fifths of the population identifies as working-class, up from a mere 24 per cent only 12 months ago, the Marxism Today basis of New Labour in the perceived need to make peace with the supposed permanence of Thatcherism seems pretty silly, even stupid.

It is worth reiterating the point, though: the very word "Thatcherism", together with the idea that post-War Labourism was a busted flush and that its socioeconomic base had collapsed, goes back to a journal for which Blair wrote, and which was owned and subsidised by the Communist Party.

The idea that Thatcher had created a new hegemony, and the even older one that the Labour base no longer existed (a notion going all the way back to a piece by Eric Hobsbawm in 1978, when most people thought that Thatcher would be a one-term or a no-term Prime Minister), both originated in the theoretical journal of the organisation that always most hated the Labour Party.

The whole of British politics has come to be defined by this fallacy: the redefinition of Labour as the force for giving Thatcherism the cultural and constitutional effect that Toryism would not allow, and now the redefinition of the Conservative Party as the force for even greater fidelity to the original economic vision, leading with inexorable logic to even more Blairite cultural and constitutional measures, such as same-sex "marriage" and the abolition of the House of Lords.

That culture and the Constitution should be conformed to some utopian masterplan defined in terms of economics is itself pure Marxism.


  1. Oh, post-war Labour nationalisation was a busted flush.

    This blog is obviously written by somebody who has never heard of the Winter of Discontent....or the IMF taking over our economy.

    We don't want those days back, thanks.

  2. Dear friend,


    Tomorrow (5th of February), the first bill proposing same-sex marriage is going to be heard in British Parliament. I ask you to join me, and many others, in the praying of a rosary tomorrow to ask for Our Lady's intercession in this. We are aiming to pray together at 12 am, noon (GMT) tomorrow. Pray whatever you are able to do - a decade, a Mystery, the full Rosary, even a short prayer to Our Lady -to beg for her help.

    It is our hope that if Catholics pray together for this, we can gain Our Lady's intercession in this dark hour.

    Please pass the message on any way you can! Email, blog, text, social media. 12 am tomorrow - a worldwide rosary for the defense of marriage.

    God Bless.

    Maria Kolbe

  3. Anonymous, I knew you were young, but...

    Allowing you on the Internet at all is irresponsible parenting.

    And the IMF are about to come back, only this time not by invitation, which is merely calling on an insurance policy when the thing insured against happens. This time will not be like that.

  4. Miliband has so far got on by being a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage and ruling out an in-out referendum on membership of the EU.

    If at some point in the next two-and-a-half years a crisis should erupt, or a general ennui foments around the fact that no-one, especially its bog-standard working-class voters, knows what Labour stands for, then expect to see a return to the fold for Mr Blair.

    In fact, I'd bet the farm on it. And with him, so too his entourage. Imagine! - Blair, Mandelson, and the brothers Miliband. Just like the old days.....

  5. No chance.

    Blair is already very close to the Coalition, anyway. Especially to Cameron personally. Very close indeed.

  6. Actually, Blair is advising Miliband, too.

    You clearly didn't read that bit.

    Miliband is his real favourite. Naturally.

  7. They can't stand each other. I wouldn't be surprised if Blair were no longer a Labour Party member. Whereas Cameron's lot call him "the Great Man" and "our real Leader". As, evidently, do you.