Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stalybridge & Hythe: Tory Gain

Or, at least, Cameron gain, and One Party hold in the One-Party State of Britain.

A man who has publicly accepted a seat in a Cameron Cabinet has ensured that another man who has publicly accepted a seat in a Cameron Cabinet, and who will have to be ennobled for that purpose, is to be succeeded in the Commons by a "close friend" of both of them and of Stephen Twigg.

So to hell with the Labour Party's Constitution and Rules, and to hell with the Constituency Labour Party that I used to be told on here "would never stand for" Purnell in a Cameron Cabinet: it is going to be Jonny Reynolds anyway, properly shortlisted, never mind selected, or not.

A Unite member, Reynolds joins a group currently including a member of Opus Dei, a former Tory MP, a former Murdoch columnist and Telegraph reporter, two members of the Henry Jackson Society, the legendary Ex-Spellar, a prominent Evangelical, dear old Hilary Armstrong, and James Purnell, who is presumably to keep his membership and even some sort of sponsorship while sitting around Cameron's Cabinet table.

Some of those ought to know better than to be mixed up with New Labour, including the Cameroon variety. But big unions are like big business: globalist, Eurofederalist, and Politically Correct. They both become big by much the same means. Their chief political bag-carrier used to be Tony Blair, and is now the Heir to Blair.

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