Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Romans, Persians and Barbarians

The Times, the New York Times, the BBC and Peter Tatchell require the collapse of the oldest continuously existing institution in the world, the only one still in existence that goes back to Classical Antiquity and the foundation of which is recorded in the Bible. So that's that, then. No more Papacy. No more Catholic Church. Right?

It is actually quite sad that they really did and do imagine themselves to have that sort of power and importance. They are reduced to the most hilarious, hysterical histrionics at the failure of the Pope simply to curl up and die even though they they have specifically commanded him to do so. Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know who they are?

But this is only the dry run. There is no plan here for a war in the ordinary sense. The London and New York newspapers involved, at least, have another target, and there is nothing metaphorical about the firepower that they wish to see unleashed against it. If they can destroy the Papacy, then they can destroy the second-oldest continuous civilisation on earth, already a superpower when the Old Testament mentions it, and still going strong without ever having had a break.

Be you never so un-Catholic, is it conservative to wish to destroy the only institution to go back in an unbroken line to the Biblical-Classical synthesis that is the foundation of the West, all for the sake of the decadent social libertinism of the 1960s and the decadent economic libertinism of the 1980s?

Is it conservative to wish to do that at all, never mind as the dry run for destroying the second-oldest civilisation on earth merely on the whim of a state created within living memory by resolution of the ultimate globalist institution and as an act of surrender to Marxist, viciously anti-British terrorists, who then proceeded to displace people who had lived there for many centuries in order to replace them with immigrants from the ends of earth who had little or no common culture?

And is it conservative to wish to destroy that institution - the pastorally vocal spiritual focus of many Palestinians and of very many Lebanese - for the sake of that state?

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