Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Broken Cable

Despite his recent and welcome support for rebuilding the manufacturing base, this evening the Sage of Twickenham informed us that "government cannot deliver, still less guarantee, employment," which as much as anything else ignores the fact that delivering it is only, though certainly, one of the many ways in which government can and must guarantee it.

He also did a most unusual thing. He let slip a specific Lib Dem policy. There are lots, and many of them are thoroughly nasty. One such is the ending of the principle of universality in Child Benefit. And Vince Cable, no less, has just announced it live on national television.


  1. Cable's command on economic policy is 1000 times more superior than yours - if the BPA's employment policy as stated on Radio Wolverhampton is anything to go by.

  2. Could you restrict comments to English-speaking people in future? UB40 Fan's pidgin is indecipherable.

  3. I know, our command on the English language is 1000 times more superior than his.

    But back on topic, please.