Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Here's The Beef

Looks like the full diet for which our very teeth are designed is not boiling the earth after all. Whatever next? That no such excuse exists to destroy or prevent secure employment, or to drive down wages or working conditions, or to arrest economic development around the world, or to forbid the working classes and non-white people from having children, or to inflate the fuel prices that always hit the poor hardest, or to restrict travel opportunities to the rich? Where would it all end?


  1. I think the problem is with people on what I guess could be called "the Left."

    Extreme environmentalism is a big cause for a lot of big money progressives, and is probably considered sexier than labor issues, that is, if "limousine liberals" even care that much about workers at all.

    Until labor leaders and perhaps even ethnic minority groups call the trendy Lefties out on their anti-worker, anti-people of color obsessions, I think there will still be an audience for environmental extremism on "the Left." Or maybe pseudo-Left is a better term.

  2. Yes, I regret even using the term "Left" now, because really they are more like a weird pressure group. It just seems that extreme environmentalism is usually considered a progressive or Left idea, when it is rather reactionary, in a bad sense and not in a good one. There I go again. Darn labels, always a tricky thing.