Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Losing The Ground

Nick Griffin is only too right: "The Tories have taken the Forces vote for granted, and these Generals are Tories." And "most young squaddies vote BNP." If they vote at all, that is.

It is simply a fact that military commanders as well as politicians were tried, convicted and executed at Nuremeburg, although that was a trial of whoever could be rounded up rather than strictly of everyone who should have been there and no one who shouldn't; there were three acquittals, and one defendant was wrongly indicted because they had thought he was his son. It was not the trial of the Holocaust, which only became apparent while the hearings were going on. And its key innovation, making it illegal to wage an aggressive war at all, has never been invoked again. But it could be. Starting, I propose, with George Bush and Tony Blair.

The good news, however, is that Griffin is alienating his own base, saying that the Gurkhas should be let in, praising Johnson Beharry, and so on. His proposal for a Sikh Regiment of the British Army revives an admirable Sikh scheme which was found to be illegal under race relations legislation, against which that revival is therefore an attack. Mercifully, it will do him no good. He has claimed in the past that Sikhs vote BNP. They don't. And they won't. His European Election Broadcast not only appealed directly to the Irish and the Jews, but went as far as possible without saying the words to appeal to the West Indians as well. That sort of thing cannot go down well within and around the BNP. Of course, those groups do not want large numbers of people here who cannot speak English, at least the Irish and the West Indians do not want non-Christian festivals as public holidays, and so on. Like their Anglo-Saxon and other neighbours, they deserve candidates who agree with them.

The BNP wants to abolish the monarchy, as is only understandable when one considers, both that it links this country to those such as Johnson Baharry's, and that the Queen is ineligible for BNP membership, being descended both from the "negroid" Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and, via Elizabeth of York, from Muhammad. The monarchy was abolished by apartheid South Africa, and purportedly also by Ian Smith's Rhodesia. The BNP comes out of the most consistently Eurofederalist tradition in this and many other countries, Fascists being all in favour of a European State, just not the one that currently exists. And the BNP is rapidly becoming a vehicle for English separatism, its wider world has always provided a home for Celtic no less than Norse or Anglo-Saxon cranks, and the National Front, when it was chaired by Andrew Brons, supported Ulster independence, no doubt seeing such a state as a potential bolthole so much nearer at hand than South Africa or Rhodesia.

Unite Against Fascism, indeed. Unite upon and around monarchism, Euroscepticism and Unionism.


  1. The BNP of ourse does have connexions with "Ulster loyalists". Mostly an addiction to tattoos and steroid abuse. And the same skinhead look.
    Can hardly be any surprise that most people coming thru Sandhurst into the military are traditional Tories. The days (Eric Joyce aside) when any Labour men were military officers seems distant. Of course most f them Dennis Healey I believe was one) fought in WW2 rather than having a record of officers i the family.
    A veritable batallion of Tory officers could be raised (IDS, Patrick Mercer etc).
    Squaddies as BNP voters?
    I think its true but to a limited extent.
    Peer pressure. Canteen culture. Barrack room racism. The influx of Eastern Europeans prolly has mixed effects.
    But with 15% troops from the "Commonwealth" and around 400 Irish (see Daily Telegraph) then I think it just shows that army is a version of society itself. With good and bad record in race relations.
    If the number of BNP voters is high among squaddies, then Id assume that pro-rata this would be reflected in the number of deaths.
    If the BNP had reason thru a family friends or comrades of a fallen soldier that he was a BNP supporter then Id expect he BNP to feast on the publicity.
    "BNP Voter as Afghan hero" would certainly change public perception of "our heroes".
    So no.....I dont buy into the whole BNP/military connexion.

    And I dont see Sikhs as BNP voters either. Pro BNP unlikely as the suggestion of pro Union Catholics in Norn Iron.

  2. Funny how you have to keep saying it.

  3. It is.
    I enjoy saying it.
    I always look for a post where I will be able to re-state it.
    In this particular post you made it kinda easy. Be honest you led with your chin.
    I look forward to the next time.

  4. "as unlikely as the suggestion of pro Union Catholics in Norn Iron."

    My partner is a Northern Irish catholic, believes in the union and is a staunch monarchist. I'm sure he's not the only one!

    "the Queen is ineligible for BNP membership, being descended both from the "negroid" Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and, via Elizabeth of York, from Muhammad."

    You've written about this before and it's very interesting - as this sort of thing is my partners hobby I shall ask him about it tonight.


  5. Break Dancing Jesus23 October 2009 at 12:00

    Anon=David Lindsay again. Pathetic!

  6. No, but we all know who you are.

  7. Careful, he'll set his brother-in-law on you again.