Friday, 27 June 2008

What A Drag

Last night's Question Time with Grayson Perry, Yvette Cooper, Baroness Neville-Jones and Dame Ann Leslie was a scream. It took me ages to spot the transvestite (I think). Who do readers think it was?

Shame on Chris Huhne and David Dimbleby for not dragging up. And shame on Yvette Cooper for dragging down. The whole tone of the programme.

On This Week afterwards, was Diane Abbott joking when she explained "for the benefit of viewers" who Andy Burnham was? It is very telling that Abbott is much better-known even to the politically well-informed than are several members of the Cabinet and almost all members of the Shadow Cabinet.


  1. I think Cooper's constituents have warned to cut the ee bah gum act and sort out her fraudulent finances instead, so she's reverted to New Labour Estuary English. Very Nineties, and enough to make your ears bleed.

  2. On Burnham, did I catch Andrew Neil saying "not even his mother knows who he is" or words to those effect.

  3. Yes.

    But he and his New Labour mates won't have heard it, because they won't have been watching. They are not interested in politics.