Monday, 30 June 2008

Los Estados Desunidos Con McCain

Obama should stop fighting the illegal immigration amnesty candidate and instead make it clear that he intends both to consolidate his own black base and to reach out to blue-collar whites by insisting that immigration be both strictly legal and strictly limited, and by promising to support a constitutional amendment declaring American English to be the only official language of the United States severally and collectively.

As things stand, the Latin American colonies from Southern California to Southern Florida are America's Kosovos in waiting, as are comparable, fast-growing pockets further north. The election of McCain would only make things worse. But the election of Obama could make them better. Will he grasp the nettle?

If so, then, since he would undoubtedly want a second term, he must be held to his commitments. Especially now that the Democratic Party's ranks are being swelled by former Republicans such as Bob Conley, alienated by the Republican Party's abandonment of its historic belief in real national security through strictly limited and strictly legal immigration, through economic protection, and through the avoidance of needless wars.


  1. Break Dancing Jesus1 July 2008 at 12:40

    Why do you hate non-English speakers in majority English speaking countries so much? You are cultural facism personified.

    Do you think that the Hispanics should be sent to camps to be "corrected"?

  2. They should be required to do what the Poles, and the Italians, and the enormous numbers of Germans, and so amny others besides were required to do, and indeed did gladly.

    Official bilingualism or multilingualism cedes economic, social, cultural and political power to bilingual or multilingual elites, to the exclusion of the working and middle classes, black and white. We see that in Wales (as is often not appreciated in England, Welsh is the elite language, whereas the common herd speaks English). And we see it increasingly in the United States, among other places.

  3. Break Dancing Jesus1 July 2008 at 16:28

    Texas, New Mexico, California etc were Spanish-speaking before the Yanks turned up. It was part of Mexico.

    Many Latinos were annexed into the USA. To the best of my knowledge the USA has never annexed parts of Poland. Unless you know better you cultural fascist.

    Maybe large pits should start to be dug in the Nevada Desert-------

  4. For you to throw in the blacks and the poor whites - there as here, no doubt.

    Hardly any Latinos in America today are descended from those who were there before parts of Mexico were incorporated into the US.

    But huge numbers of them are illegal immigrants or the children of illegal immigrants, criminally skewing the jobs market against the interests of Obama's poor black supporters, but in the interests (the short-term economic interests, anyway) of McCain's rich white supporters. Such as yourself, of course.

  5. Break Dancing Jesus1 July 2008 at 16:55

    "Hardly any Latinos in America today are descended from those who were there before parts of Mexico were incorporated into the US"

    Where did they go? Disappear into a cave like in the Pied Piper of Hamlein.

    Your attitude is exactly the same as Hitler's towards the Sorbs/Wends of Eastern Germany. Speak a funny language? Have funny culture? Find yourself in Germany through no fault of your own as your family settled on some spare ground?

    Does not matter that the surrounding German towns have names of Slavic origin like Leipzig - derived from Lipsk.

    Tough. You are booked on the Dachau express for not intergrating.

    Cultural facist. Get those pits dug and Spanish speaking priest ready.

  6. BDJ is proving your point about these places being the Kosovos of the near future. The arguments being used are exactly the same and just as false.

    BDJ, if these people were descended from those who there before Davy Crockett or whoever, then they'd all speak English by now, like the many millions of Americans with German or Italian names. They don't because they aren't.

  7. Of course, f BDJ genuinely doesn't believe that the Hispanics in America are recent immigrants, then he simply doesn't know what he's talking about.

    But, of course, he is really lashing out that someone has challenged the cosy pseudo-Left rationale for driving down wages and working conditions while concentrating power in the hands of an impenetrable bilingual or multilingual elite.

    However, he makes an important point about a "Spanish-speaking priest". Good luck to anybody who tries to find one.

    Far from Hispanics' being the great hope of American Catholicism, Latin America has never been a very Catholic place, with slight if any Mass-going majorities, huge numbers of the unbaptised, rampant syncretism and surviving paganism, and a very heavy dependence on (historically European, these days usually North American) missionary priests.

    Wishing for the United States to remain an English-speaking country is fully compatible with Catholicism. Indeed, those who are most vocal in that cause are themselves traditional Catholics.

    A lot of their ancestors were Irish, of course. But very many were Italian, Polish, German and other things.