Monday, 23 June 2008

Surveillance: Intrusive, Ineffective And Expensive

Says David Davis.


  1. Therefore will the BPA candidate for the North East tell the voters on the region which of their CCTV cameras he proposes to take away?

  2. There are two such candidates, and in any acse this isn't an EU matter.

    But everyone knows that CCTV cameras are a complete waste of money. Everyone outside the New Labour bunker, anyway. They don't even work half the time.

  3. alas then the era of spin will not be over with a BPA victory. A politician's answer if ever I heard one. He's asked a reasonable question for a party position and you have avoided it. As an MEP you would be an elected representative..therefore tell us which CCTV cameras in the North East would you remove and have the courage to list them in your election address

  4. List them in my electiuon address? I know that most such things go in the bin anyway, but come on!

  5. David blogged on this last month:

    In David's words, "Foot patrols? Did someone say foot patrols?"

    CCTV is a waste of time and money.