Tuesday, 24 June 2008

By Popular Request

My comment placed both on Harry's Place and on Oliver Kamm's website just before one o'clock this morning:

Oh, for goodness sake, Kamm and all your alter egoes, are you still at it? And no, I do not necessarily spend my evenings on this sort of thing. Get a life!

Let’s go over this again, shall we? You have repeatedly posted these claims (under various names) on the Spectator’s website, where at least one of my offences allegedly took place. They have either been rejected outright, or else rapidly removed at my instigation, followed by thoroughly apologetic emails to me from the moderator. I, by contrast, have never had a comment rejected by that blog, despite the very controversial views that I have frequently expressed there, as I do several times per week, and quite frequently several times per day.

You have doubtless also tried to do this on CiF (another alleged crime scene), but if they have ever even let you up, then I have never seen or been made aware of it. Again, they have no problem putting up even very forthright comments of mine. I suspect that they are simply not interested in the view of someone whose own undoubted lies have led to the murder of one hundred thousand people and the maiming of a further million, and who remains utterly unrepentant. Nor should they be. They do still publish you, but only for the fun of the pillorying that you invariably receive from the readers, who oddly cannot see how the arbiter of left-wingery can be a Tory-voting hedge fund trader and war criminal.

And it should be perfectly clear from the mere existence of the above article that even the editors of Harry’s Place either don’t believe you or don’t care. I strongly suspect the former, since if they did believe you, then they would care.

You really should give it up. Your attempt at a career-ruining campaign against Neil Clark has been spectacularly unsuccessful, and you should learn your lesson. If (which I very much doubt) you believe what you are writing, then you embody the old adage that rich people are called eccentric, whereas poor people are just called mad. However, I do not think that you are mad. You are bad. Very, very, very evil.

Plus that just submitted on Harry's Place, since he's still at it (of course):

We’ve settled all of this, Oliver. Nobody believes you. The Spectator doesn’t believe you, or it would have banned me from commenting, which it hasn’t. Comment is Free doesn’t believe you, or it would have banned me from commenting, which it hasn’t. And it is perfectly clear that even Harry’s Place doesn’t believe you, or it would not be publishing entire articles by me. (Never mind why the Guardian actually *employs* Neil Clark if what you say is true. You obviously have not the faintest idea about any world in which people have to work for a living.)

And why would they believe you? Give it up. You are like a psychiatric patient clutching his blanket to himself and screaming “Martin Miller! Martin Miller! IP address! IP address!”


  1. Your battle with Kamm over on HP is brilliant. Keep socking it to him. You are right, he's annoyed that he's never heard of any of the things you list in your article.

  2. Martin Miller and David Lindsay posted almost (or) the same comments on "The Spectator" blogs twice earlier this year. This you cannot deny, or can you?.

  3. Yes, but the Martin Miller wasn't me, it was someone trying to make this tired point. (I think we know who, in fact.) I emailed Pete Hoskin (the editor), he removed the Miller stuff immediately, and he emailed back apologising.

    Not you as well. This is a complete non-story, denied by the actions of all three of the websites where the offences are alleged to have taken place.