Monday, 23 June 2008

The Dark Side of John McCain


I used to be quite warm towards him, since a man of his experience, like the decorated Jacques Chirac, struck me as likely to leave the warmongering to such draft dodgers as Bill Clinton and George Bush. But the presence of Robert Kagan, John Bolton and the like around him strikes me more than reason enough to vote for anyone at all against him, even if there is still, mercifully, a sufficiently genteel and refined side to Senate Republicans that the utterly uncouth Bolton would stand no chance of confirmation in any position whatever even if the Republicans were in control, which they are not going to be.

And the suggestion that McCain is against abortion is laughable. I honestly do not know why NARAL bothers to oppose Republican candidates. On the contrary, they should tell all their supporters to vote Republican at all times, since a Republican victory absolutely guarantees the continuation of totally unrestricted abortion, so that the wholly false promise to restrict it can be used to keep those blue-collar white votes, Catholic and Evangelical, coming in to the party of Wall Street, not Main Street.

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