Monday, 30 June 2008

F**k Off

There, do I get my GCSE now? I am entitled.

The replacement of O-levels with GCSEs was the work of the same Prime Minister who refused to recognise the Muzorewa-Smith Government, instead clearing the way for the Chinese-backed Robert Mugabe by holding out for one so much better, the Soviet-backed Joshua Nkomo.


  1. You're not entitled. You won't get a pass mark with 7.5%.

  2. You'll get something, that's the point of GCSE. Even a G is a pass.

    But something like eleven or twelve per cent of each year group leaves without even so much as one GCSE grade G. Give that a moment to sink in.

  3. Whatever happened to the mass education of the working classes, to break the bourgeois stronghold on the most valuable social good of all - education?

    Instead, we have this kind of thing, the latest petty-bourgeois strategy to keep the working classes down, by encouraging them to wallow in a kind of culture and communication that is inherently inferior.

    How many of NuLab's decision makers and camp followers are public school educated? How long has their attempt been to level downwards the whole state educational sector, while leaving the independent sector intact and indeed thriving?

    If there is one thing that our social leadership, from the BBC on down, clearly shows, is that they love to see the lower classes stay low - as low as they possibly can; The Royle Family is their notion of what they should be like.

    A really educated son of a single mother or of a long-term unemployed couple would upset their preconceptions, poor darlings.