Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Chagos Islands And Ascension Island

Justice at last for the Chagos Islanders, perhaps. Yet, even as I write, another craven British Government is allowing an American Administration to perpetrate a strikingly similar injustice against British subjects on British soil. I refer to Ascension Island. Google for it, and for the splendid Councillor Lawson Henry in relation to it. And then ask yourself why this shocking story is not front-page news.

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  1. David... In response to your question vis-a-vis the lack of any mainstream coverage of the news regarding ascension island: I think it's because some soldiers saw an 'unidentified flying object' the other day... And recorded it on their mobile phone. Obviously this is of massive importance to our proud nation and anything else pales into rightful insignificance..!