Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Budget, I Suppose

Oh, and I had so wanted my Right Honourable Kinsman (I don't know the details, but an elderly relative is adamant and I have no reason to doubt her) to do well. Still, dullness can be a virtue, not least where money is concerned.

Cameron was completely beyond parody, engaging in sick-making "all good public school Oxonians together" banter with Ed Balls, and delivering his whole speech in his trademark style and tone: that of a posh undergraduate who knows that he'll never need to work and who thinks that everyone else is an insolent new footman asking for the sack.

But he should have given us all an even bigger laugh by breaking with tradition and putting up Osborne instead. Number Two Bully Boy sat through Darling's speech wearing the expression of a Classicist at a chemistry convention. He couldn't understand a word of it. He is literally only there because he is a member of the Bullingdon Club. Which is presumably why he almost never speaks in public.

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