Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Proud To Be Hated

I am, apparently, the grand old man of the paleo-Left.

So I am very proud to be hated by those who had thought that they owned the British blogosphere, presuming to impose three-line whips in favour of the closely connected forces of "free"-market economics, social libertinism, secular fundamentalism, globalisation, European federalism, American hegemony, and the neoconservative war agenda.

And I must confess to particularly enjoying getting up their noses by suggesting, not only that Oxbridge is not necessarily all that good (how good can the ninety-fifth best Etonian in his year possibly be?), but - and this is the one that they really, really, really can't stand - that to have attended the pseudo-comprehensives that they did amounts to having been privately educated, but scandalously at the expense of the middle and working classes who cannot afford the house prices anywhere near such schools, and who in any case would never have the social pull to get their children into them.

You know who you are. And so do I.

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  1. Sir,I salute you! You're on very fine form at the moment David, go on going on!