Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Wrong Question

They were at it again at PMQs yesterday. Now, as a Unionist, I yield to no one: the United Kingdom is my country, and no one has the right to take it way from me. Simple as that. But there is no "West Lothian Question". It does not exist. The Westminster Parliament can still enact legislation in any devolved area, which would prevail over anything enacted by a devolved body which only exists at all pursuant to an Act of the Westminster Parliament. It merely chooses not to, but so what?


  1. The West Lothian Question doesn't exist?

    Maybe not if you support a Government that has gerrymandered the constitution so that it can use foreign MPs to impose unwanted legislation on England.

    However, if you are a democrat you generally oppose politicians without a democratic mandate.

  2. You haven't read the post, have you, Toque? The Westminster Parliament can still enact any legislation it likes with effect in Scotland. It merely chooses not to. In fact, with a PM for a Scottish constituency, it might well start doing so again.