Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Comment Is Free Again?

I've just succeeded in posting a comment (about cannabis) on Comment is Free. I'll be checking later to see if it's still there.

UPDATE 6:32PM: I can say what I like about cannabis, but I'm still not allowed to post comments about Russia.


  1. Yeah a completely moronic comment:

    "Cannabis is one of the most dangerous substances known to man, and any claim to the contrary is nothing but a wishful-thinking urban myth. Furthermore, the use of cannabis is nowhere near as prevalent as such myth-mongers would have us believe. Not that it would matter if it were: there is also a lot of racism about, and a lot of petty theft, among numerous other examples that might be cited."

    No facts to back up outlandish statements? check
    Comparing recreational drug use to prejudice? check
    Pretending to cite examples, when they have nothing to do with your argument? check

    Must try harder.

  2. As I've just said over on CiF:

    "On one side of this argument are clinical trials galore linking cannabis to schizophrenia, lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, brain tumours, male and female infertility, low birth weight, impotence, and on, and on, and on.

    On the other side are ageing hippies and their spoilt upper-middle-class kiddies wailing that "It's less harmful than alcohol" on absolutely no evidence whatever, but above all convinced that, simply by definition, only the proles can be criminals.

    First the supercasinos and now this. Brown shows dangerous signs of standing in the tradition of the Fabians and the Christian Socialists. But that tradition will still need a new party sooner rather than later."

    The key point being: "ageing hippies and their spoilt upper-middle-class kiddies ... convinced that, simply by definition, only the proles can be criminals." That's you, that is.

  3. What did you say about Russia?! I'd love to know. Can you post it on your blog?

  4. The oft-rejected comment, all of which has appeared here in the past, read:

    "If Akhmed Zakayev and Boris Berezovsky are not being extradited from Britain to Russia, then why should Russia extradite anyone to Britain?

    Berezovsky is even permitted to travel on a British passport using the assumed named Platon Elenin, in order to visit the former Soviet Union stirring up support for a coup in Russia.

    And Zakayev, like the Chechen separatists generally, is an important example of how neoconservatism is not in any sense hostile to "militant Islam" (the only kind that there can be), but in fact hand-in-glove with it: in Chechnya, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey today, just as in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, and just as in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

    NATO should have been wound up in 1991, and it is only to be expected that Russia is furious, not only at its continued existence (which is bad enough), but even more so at its outrageous expansion to within one hundred miles of Saint Petersburg.

    Why has this happened, if not to menace Russia, which can in fact switch off our gas for so long as we refuse to have anything like enough civil nuclear power, and which is therefore is a position to view us, not as a threatening menace, but, much more dangerously from our point of view, as merely a tiresome and impertinent menace?

    Instead, we should be cultivating Russia’s sense of herself as an integral part of the Biblical-Classical civilisation that is the West, as that civilisation’s bridge both to the Islamic world and to the Far East, and as its bulwark against either Islamic or Far Eastern domination, a mission shared with all the Slavs."

  5. Well I am not a hippie, aging or otherwise, and I have never taken cannabis or any other illegal drug, but I have watched with mounting incredulity your anti-cannabis performance on CIF. I have no idea whether cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol, or whether the anti-drugs extremists would also like to have me arrested me for slipping a large shot of a 16 year old Talisker last night. You see I just don't care about what people do to their own bodies and neither should you.

  6. So much for the founders of the Labour Movement!