Friday, 20 July 2007

Dave Is Auntie's New Favourite Nephew

The whole of The World At One was devoted to the despicable, but unremarkable, letting off the hook of everyone involved in the flagrant sale of seats in our very legislature, without a peep about the collapse of the Cameron Tories both in the North and in Asian London. Auntie has very definitely transferred her affections. What does that tell you?

Still, good to see the "elected House of Lords" (closed party lists) and "State funding of political parties" lot out for the day. State funding must entail some degree of State control, which can often be necessary and beneficial. But, for political parties, it would be lethal. Only parties that met the organisational and political requirements of some committee of Notting Hill and Primrose Hill diners would be able to afford to contest elections. No wonder the BBC is so keen on the idea.


  1. It is interesting because on Monday I was interviewd for a piece on the World at One about what would happen to Ming Campbell if the Lib Dems came third in Ealing Southall. You would expect similar coverage of Cameron. Wouldn't you ?