Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Great Chinese Takeaway

So the Government is tickety-boo about its Chinese counterpart buying up a large chunk of my bank, among many, many other things? Well, of course it is: that is the "free" market in action, the enemy of national sovereignty as of everything else that conservatives wish to conserve.


  1. The Free Market is always superior to top down government and political actions.

    We are very pleased to announce the creation of The Free Market Hall of Fame where members of the Freedom Movement will have the opportunity to initially vote on individuals contributing most to the success and advancement of free markets and free people around the globe during 2007.

    Nominations for the Free-Market Hall of Fame are open to the public and can be made by anyone by e-mailing Individuals can vote for or nominate individuals who they believe should be in the Free Market Hall of Fame. Write-ins are permitted.

    The categories will include the following:

    1. Academic economists
    2. Journalists and writers
    3. Business leaders
    4. Legislators and government officials
    5. Think tanks

    A select group of economists and other free-market supporters will make the final decision and vote on upcoming Hall of Fame members.

    For more information on the Free Market Hall of Fame go to

    “It’s time we honored all the great teachers, writers, business leaders, legislators, and think tanks that have advanced the cause of liberty," Mark Skousen

    Ron Holland, Editor
    FreedomFest News
    Author of the online book: “The Swiss Preserve Solution”.

  2. I'm not sure who you think is going to be in it, based on that first sentence. No one anyone has ever heard of, I expect.

    Other than Westminster Villagers and academic or pseudo-academic cranks, I've never met a Tory voter who wasn't a Keynsian and a Beveridgite to the core, just so long as he got his own slice of the cake. Farm subsidies are the most obvious example. And why not?

    Meanwhile, the fringe, but unfortunately hugely influential, opposite view is just as common among Labour Westminster Villagers and academic or psuedo-academic cranks.