Sunday, 22 July 2007

But Who Else Is There?

If there really is a plot afoot to remove David Cameron while he is off on his Hug A Hutu publicity stunt (honestly, haven’t the Rwandans suffered enough?), then with whom is there any plan to replace him, and why?

To cite only one of the most obvious examples, David Davis was a Minister when Michael Howard, as Home Secretary, was initiating the grand theft of liberty which this Government has so single-mindedly continued.

And did, say, William Hague vote against Maastricht? Hardly!

So, who is it going to be, and why?


  1. Quentin Davies.

    Since Lib/Lab/Con are interchangeable and we might as well move towards the 'them versus us' phase.

  2. He's far too conservative socially for them, and not nearly pro-EU enough.

  3. Don't you mean the other way round?