Saturday, 21 July 2007

"Former" Islamists?

Last night edition of The World Tonight repeatedly referred to the Turkish AKP as "former Islamists". They are no such thing, and the whole basis of their success is that there is nothing "former" about them.

And look out for their vote in centres of Sufism. The Chechens are also Sufi. Ponder these things when next you hear or read Sufism described as "moderate", or "peaceable", or what have you.

Indeed, such are neoconservatism's links to this sort of thing that this time, with no American backing for a coup, probably not even the Army can prevent the restoration of the Caliphate in NATO's, and putatively the EU's, very own Turkey.


  1. I think you may be barking mad up the wrong tree with this one David. Don't underestimate the chameleon qualities of politicians or the draw of western capitalism.