Wednesday 22 May 2024

To Stand, Or To Stand Aside?

At this General Election, I have been a declared Independent candidate for the constituency containing Lanchester since before the last one. The boundary changes have moved Lanchester into North Durham, which I will contest unless the Workers Party of Britain did so.

I am of course supporting the Independents whom it is also supporting because they were already established on the ground, although the ones who were in that position four and a half years ago are mostly or entirely sitting MPs, and hardly any more than those have stood for Parliament before, as I did in 2019.

I need an answer from the Workers Party. Will it be contesting North Durham? If so, then I will stand aside. But I do need to know, and I need to know soon. Shall we say Sunday?


  1. Bookies offering 7/1 on a hung Parliament.

  2. Kevan Jones steps down. You are the man who should have been our MP. You can win this.

    1. Unless you are in Lanchester, Burnhope or Castleside, then that was an abolished seat.

      Good luck to Kevan. This is not a total surprise.