Sunday 26 May 2024

On The Slide

Up and up go the abortion figures. There were 251,377 in England and Wales in 2022. It is perhaps a good thing that pro-abortionists now no longer pretend that they want this procedure to be 'safe, legal and rare', and have made it clear that they actually think abortion is an unmixed good thing – so why should it be rare?

You can now get abortion pills by post, after a phone 'consultation'. Back in the 1960s, when this was still controversial, it was only the crabby old stick-in-the-muds who suggested it might end like this.

Just as they are the only ones warning against legalisation of 'assisted dying'. And they are right. How long before that, too, is done by ordering pills by post? All slopes are slippery, if a lot of people slide down them.


  1. Starmer supports assisted suicide.

    1. The first such Leader of either main party. He must be stopped.