Tuesday 19 December 2023

Non-State Actor?

The Novel remains an idea in the Mind of God, but while it is to begin with the sacrifices of Abraham and Agamemnon, the penultimate chapter is to be set in the political London of the late twenty-first century before the final one tied everything up, so it will never reach the fabulous Zaydi Imamate that reigned from Al-Aqsa. In real life, Palestine is in any case going to be a Latin Kingdom again, under a renewed British Mandate. Just wait until I am the founding Doge of the Most Serene Republic of Great Britain. I will make it happen.

In all seriousness, 10 countries, including five of the G7 and three of the P5, are apparently needed to try and deal with the Houthis, although all signs are that they are soon enough just going to be given pretty much what they wanted, and that will be that. The Taliban were as backward as everyone said that they were, yet they still beat "the international community". So will the Houthis.

The population of Seychelles is one twenty-fourth that of the Gaza Strip, and President Wavel Ramkalawan is an Anglican priest in good standing. What says he about Israel's war to remove the Holy Land from Christendom by removing the Christians from the Holy Land, and about what is now its denial that there are any churches to bomb in Gaza? That there are, is no small part of why the likes of al-Qaeda, and the IS that Israel assists significantly in Syria, despise Hamas, which fulsomely returns the compliment.

The Anglo-American service station of Bahrain is the only Arab country that is going anywhere near this "multinational security initiative", a risky business for the Sunni elite of a predominantly Shia country. Saudi Arabia is strikingly absent. It has clearly decided that its peace deal with the Houthis is more important. Let that sink in. So to speak.

Keir Starmer now professes to support the ceasefire that 10 of his frontbenchers resigned to support or were sacked for having supported. No one believes him, nor should they. Labour is now the greater evil, worse than the Tories. We should no more want it to win the next General Election than most of its MPs wanted it to win the last two, or than any of its staff wanted it to win the last four.

But when I tell you that there is going to be a hung Parliament, then you can take that to the bank. I spent the 2005 Parliament saying that it was psephologically impossible for the Heir to Blairs Conservative Party to win an overall majority. I predicted a hung Parliament on the day that the 2017 General Election was called, and I stuck to that, entirely alone, all the way up to the publication of the exit poll eight long weeks later. And on the day that Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister, I predicted that a General Election between him and Starmer would result in a hung Parliament.

To strengthen families and communities by securing economic equality and international peace through the democratic political control of the means to those ends, including national and parliamentary sovereignty, we need to hold the balance of power. Owing nothing to either main party, we must be open to the better offer. There does, however, need to be a better offer. Not a lesser evil, which in any case the Labour Party is not.


  1. Suddenly everyone has to brush up on Zaydism.

    1. Everyone who needs to. Some years ago, silly, half-educated persons used to try and lecture me on the Middle Eastern Christianity that they had discovered in the previous two days, although of course they have forgotten all about it. Here we go again.

  2. The Houthis have called on the Bahrainis to rise up.