Wednesday 20 December 2023

Kicking To The Curb

Rishi Sunak's proposed ban on social media use by the under-16s is not about porn or what have you. The technology already exists to block things like that. How do you think that your municipal library does it? This is about stopping teenagers from becoming politically active, which now mostly starts on social media.


  1. That the end of Reform and Reclaim then, they only exist on social media.

    1. Andrew Bridgen has left Reclaim. Reform is just controlled Opposition.

    2. It's not an age requirement the populist right has to worry about, it's an income/property or educational one. They're the opposite of everything they claim to stand for.

    3. The only thing funnier than the vanguard elite is the master race.

    4. They say things like "You shouldn't have the vote unless you pay tax" meaning income tax but only six in 10 adults make that much and if they were among them they wouldn't be so angry all the time. "Candidates should have to have succeeded at something else first", where would that leave them? What have they ever succeeded at?

    5. And they are never, ever, ever too young. In Britain, at least, that one only ever applies to someone to the left of oneself.