Saturday, 31 July 2021

Piecing Together

Tonight, Craig Murray is beginning his eight month prison sentence as the first person in the world ever to have been imprisoned for "jigsaw identification", meaning that someone has been imprisoned as a result of the Alex Salmond trial. That sentence has been imposed by Lady Dorrian, who aspires to succeed the ageing Lord Carloway as Lord President of the Court of Session, a position that is in the gift of the First Minister, and who wishes to abolish in sexual assault cases juries such as the one that had the temerity to acquit Salmond.

In more than the background is Murray's support for Julian Assange, whose ongoing torture is very largely the fault of Keir Starmer. But just as Murray will be free in time to contest Nicola Sturgeon's Holyrood seat next time, so Assange is a Commonwealth citizen resident in the United Kingdom and not serving a prison sentence either there or in the Republic of Ireland. He should declare his candidacy at Holborn and St Pancras, and his campaign there should begin immediately.