Saturday, 31 July 2021

Crosses To Bear

40 years after the uprising in revolt against the Police arson attack at New Cross, such attacks would happen nightly under either a Patel or a Starmer Government, should we ever have the misfortune to experience such a thing.

As later at Hillsborough, pursuant to the policy of the Government of the day, the agents of the State intentionally killed that Government's class and, in this case, race enemies. The inevitable and intended backlash led to the long planned Operation Swamp, named after the then Prime Minister's most infamously racist utterance.

But Priti Patel or Keir Starmer would make Margaret Thatcher look like Martin Luther King. A party that has removed as its Leader Jeremy Corbyn, of all people, and replaced him with, of all things, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, has deliberately spat in the faces of BAME people, of People of Colour, and so on; for the most part, we all know whom we mean. It has declared itself a racist and imperialist party. As, of course, Labour has almost always been.

It was set up to be, by people like Starmer. The creation of the Labour Party was a masterpiece of divide and rule by the Imperial elite. Enclosure had been financed by the slave trade, and working-class action in Britain had been central to bringing that trade to an end, but those workers were now to be separated from the struggle by the promise of a small share in the spoils of Empire.

The Empire still exists as the City and its network of tax havens, and after a five year partial hiatus, Labour regressed last year to advocating that a few crumbs be diverted to a divide and rule invention called "the white working class". Unsurprisingly, Labour stands no chance of ever winning another General Election.

Unlike the agenda-setting England football team, Labour bears no resemblance to Britain's unique superdiversity, with people from every inhabited territory on earth, with ethnic diversity down to every village, with a large and exponentially growing mixed-race population, and with the world's most accepting attitude to mixed-race relationships and people. As that team illustrates, those are phenomena as much of the working class as of anyone else, and arguably even more so.

Starmer is also the Far Right's backstop when it comes to Patel's intended restoration of capital punishment, in her case for black men, for Muslims, and for persons of low or no caste, a principle easily convertible into the currency of the class system. Her own precarious caste status, in marked contrast to the impeccably Brahmin Rishi Sunak and Alok Sharma, only make her even worse. Her patron, Narenda Modi, has a very similar background. He adds Christians to his death list, but black people are Britain's most solid bloc of regular churchgoers, so that base is already covered.

The Blair Government longed to bring back the death penalty, but it never had the parliamentary numbers. I remember people of my own generation who were close to that Government and who were quite psychotic on this subject in private. Some of them are now Labour MPs, and all of them are now strong supporters of Starmer.

It is inconceivable that such a restoration would be repealed if the Prime Minister were a former Director of Public Prosecutions. If anything, its scope would be extended dramatically. This is the ghouls' big chance, within a context of nightly New Crosses that, like the hangings, would be blood sacrifices to Patel and Starmer.

But such is superdiversity that the reaction would make 1981 look like a dispute at a bridge club. And such is superdiversity that London, the centre of the Empire that now extends to every country on earth, is also the global centre of the liberation struggle. At least until Corbyn's subscription to the IHRA Definition, and we must never forget that it was Corbyn, who did that, then he was the single most important figure in that struggle in the world.

Now, though, no parliamentary political party, as such, is even so much as aware of it. But if the Blairite Electoral Commission ever did condescend to register Black Lives Matter, for all its many faults, then Labour would be as finished in London as it already was everywhere else. Starmer might very well lose his own seat.