Monday 31 December 2018

Litmus Test

As the great Neil Clark points out, respect for Christmas is an important litmus test of non-Christian regimes. This year, Syria and Iran passed that test, while Israel and Saudi Arabia failed it.

The American withdrawal from Syria has established the second pole in the post-post-Cold War world, a pole formed by Iran, Russia, China, India allied to Russia (yes, even now), Pakistan most emphatically allied to China, and so on.

That is further evident from the fact that the latest talks to bring the "Taliban" into the government of Afghanistan, thereby declaring the complete and utter pointlessness of the entire war there, are now underway in Tehran, of all places.

That would be all to the good, at least relatively speaking, if it were not for the ongoing plight of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Someone of sufficient prominence ought to board a plane to Tehran with his smartphone in his hand. Immediately before landing, he should tweet that he would not be leaving without her.

The cameras would be waiting for him, and he could bring her home. Why has this not already happened? Jeremy Corbyn should have done it months ago. He could then have got on with being the national and parliamentary Leader in Britain, and possibly the Leader throughout the West and beyond, of the people who understood the new balance of power in the world and who were determined to make it work in the right interests.

85 per cent of his own party's MPs would still have been hopeless on these issues, of course. Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it.

It has become a local commonplace that I am on 30-30-30 with Labour and the Conservatives here at North West Durham, so that any one of us could be the First Past the Post. I will stand for this seat, if I can raise the £10,000 necessary to mount a serious campaign. Please email Very many thanks.

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