Wednesday 26 December 2018

Always A Good First Step

Here on the much-maligned Left, people with totally different views on Brexit can and do work together very closely, and one does not even always know a comrade's position on that issue.

Perhaps the Queen is one of us?


  1. It's true, isn't it? Dan Kebede was Leave, Ben Sellers was Remain, and nobody knows what Laura Pidcock was or is. That's typical on the Left, as you say.

  2. Jeremy Corbyn is surrounded by supporters of Brexit while no supporter of Brexit is allowed anywhere near Theresa May.

    1. Nor any longer talked of as a potential successor to her. Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt were both Remainers in 2016, and Hunt even wanted a second referendum. Perhaps he still does. The dark horse is Gavin Williamson, another Remainer. That is what you get when you lose by two to one and your Somewhere Else To Go collapses before everyone's very eyes. Jacob Rees-Mogg used to be on the airwaves several times per day. But no more.