Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Conventional Paul Ryan

Wooden and leaden. Over-edited and over-rehearsed. Condoleezza Rice was better, whether or not one happened to agree with what she was saying. And in point of fact, her paean to the spending programmes of the Bush Era was better received by the Convention delegates.

Well, of course it was. They are there to nominate Mitt Romney, the choice of Republican primary voters. The Tea Party needs to get over itself. Never mind the general electorate: it has demonstrably little influence even within its own party.

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  1. I think Paul Ryan's image is supposed to be wonkish, so that may account for his wooden speech. The media still considers him to be the GOP's whiz kid, even though Paul Krugman and others have eviscerated his budget for being dishonest and based on fuzzy math.

    By the way, I love all the talk about how socially conservative the GOP platform is, as if the Republicans will actually do anything about gay marriage or abortion. They haven’t for thirty years, why would they do anything now?