Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Bonfire of the Vanities

Harry's Place today accuses the Labour Party of being institutionally anti-Semitic. Yes, you read aright: the only party with a Jewish Leader, who beat another Jew for the job, is institutionally anti-Semitic.

Why? Really, need you ask? It does not hold the line sufficiently for the Harry's Place crowd's liking on matters relating to the State of Israel. Specifically, at least this time, it has failed to discipline Jeremy Corbyn MP for calling for an inquiry into undue ultra-Zionist influence over Conservative Party, and thus Government, policy, with consequences for the fiasco around Raed Salah, a man whom I, too, would happily see banned from my country.

The tragedy is that, at least above the line, Harry's Place has been moving away from the ultra-Zionist position in recent months. These days, it quite frequently publishes posts on the subject bearing more than a passing resemblance to Chapter Eight of Confessions of an Old Labour High Tory. Given the very strong views of several of the Harry's Place regulars above and below the line on the mere existence of that book (not the content, which they have not read), it is very high time that a review of it appeared there. Go on, I dare them.

Why is an e-book not "vanity publishing" but also putting the same material into old-fashioned print is, even when it is commended by two Peers of the Realm and three Professors as well as two other distinguished academics, including one of the Peers? How many of those who delight in spewing abuse at me under the guise of criticism of my work have ever managed that? If they reviewed, not me, but my book, then they might learn how to do it. What are they afraid of?

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