Friday 21 September 2007

Our Lords And Masters Now

Craig Murray (as well as several others, including Boris Johnson) has had his excellent blog pulled. He writes to Iain Dale: has vanished – as has bloggerheads and bobpiper – after the server has been “pulled” by services management company Fasthosts Internet Ltd of Gloucester. Fasthosts have done this in response to legal threats from libel lawyers Schillings, acting on behalf of Alisher Usmanov, the Uzbek oligarch and friend of Putin currently trying to buy Arsenal football club.

As a former British Ambassador in Uzbekistan, I know a great deal more about Mr
Usmanov, and especially about his criminal record, than he finds comfortable. The principal point at issue is that he has been able to take down one of the UK’s leading political websites without anything being tested in court. Fasthosts have pathetically repeated Schillings bluster that my site is “Defamatory”, as though that were established.

We all know that money talks. It seems it can stop other people talking, too. There appears a real danger that all the material on the site may be lost and not able to be recovered.

How much longer will Britain act as butler to these people? Abolish non-domicile tax status.


  1. I'm interviewing Mr Eugenides on the Wolverhampton Politics Show tonight to talk about this repression of free speech.

    It's streamed live on at 7pm if you're not in Wolverhampton.

  2. Matthew that interview was awesome. Thanks for sharing.