Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Need For A New Party

Anyone who still doubts it, see here. I found this story just after I finally sent off for the registration form from the Electoral Commission. It should arrive tomorrow. And I shall, of course, be writing to Mr Wareing: we could have an MP in this Parliament.


  1. I can only assume that you've already got a private commitment from Mr Wareing - after all, we both know that posting this here and then not getting him formally on board would make you look ridiculous. And if there's one thing nobody could ever accuse you of, it's looking ridiculous.

    So, well done David! The bandwagon is moving!

  2. I said "could have". And we could have. We might not have.

    But I very much hope that he will come on board, since it's practically Christmas that he of all people should have split from neo-Labour: economically left-wing, morally and socially conservative, Eurosceptical, anti-war (going right back to Yugoslavia, in fact), despised by the biens pensants, based in one of our key areas.

    I can think of people just as good, but not of any actually better. We'd make him Leader of course, if he were our only MP (and if he wanted it, I suppose).

    And yes, when people like that are quitting because Labour wants to hand their seats to favoured metropolitan apparatchiki like Twigg, then the whole thing really is falling apart and, indeed, "the bandwagon is moving".

  3. You and Wareing deserve each other.

  4. Oh david looks ridiculous everytime he opens his mouth. Unfortunately most of the people who post on here in support of the buffoon do not know the truth behind his libellious and quite frankly ridiculous statements. It is only the fact that David is penniless through the fact that he gets sacked from every job that he has had that stops people from taking him to court. Hmmm...will such a truthful statement get past his moderation? and no, I am not just a stupid northern or a bitter labour person, or whoever he chooses to accuse me of. I am just an intelligent person who gets annoyed as his wanton defaming of hard-working honest people. Believe the nonsense he displays on here as you wish, but dont put down the people who know the real David for the evil, twisted vindictive petty little man that he truly is.

  5. I have allowed this one because it illustrates what I am subjected to between thirty and fifty times per day. No wonder I have comment moderation.

    Whereas I can only do the moderation now, because I spend most of the day in an office which has blocked Blogger, you and I are paying for these people to spew this and much worse abuse, anonymously, onto websites.

    So terrified are they that some movement might arise that would make them work for a living, something that they would be wholly incapable of doing.

  6. Since he has left Labour, and since yours is actually a movement rather than a party at this stage, he is already in it anyway, as its only MP.

    And Lord Stoddart seems to be its only peer, already, regardless.

    So the movement as such already has representation in both Houses of Parliament, even leaving aside the several MPs and many peers who really belong in it.

  7. I'd never thought of it like that, Clive. But you're right, of course.