Monday 31 July 2006

Nuclear Power

We all know that nuclear power was used as an excuse for the ostensibly economic, but in fact purely political, destruction of the coal industry and of the civilised communities, working-class in the true sense, thus sustained. But nuclear power does in fact offer the possibility of recreating working-class communities based on high-wage, high-skill, high-status jobs. This cannot be said of, for example, wind farms.

Furthermore, nuclear power offers independence from the ghastly dynasty that bankrolls both the Bushes and bin Laden, as well as from the affairs of the Middle East tout court, not to mention from Russian gas. Energy will be the real diplomatic weapon of the coming decades: those without it will send their Ministers "naked into the conference chamber", and those wishing to send them in that state are indulging in "an emotional spasm".

Far more nuclear power, together with the application of modern technology to revitalise the coal industry, could easily be afforded by declining to replace Trident and by refraining from further participation in pointless wars.

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