Monday, 31 July 2006

My name is David Lindsay, and...

My name is David Lindsay, and I want to be an MP.

I am a One Nation politician, with an equal emphasis on the One and on the Nation. Therefore, I believe in the universal Welfare State and in the strong statutory (including trade union) protection of workers, consumers, communities and the environment, the former paid for by progressive taxation, the whole underwritten by full employment, and all these good things delivered by the partnership between a strong Parliament and strong local government. This Socialism is the only means of conserving everything that conservatives exist in order to conserve, including national self-government (the only basis for international co-operation, and including the United Kingdom as greater than the sum of its parts), local variation, historical consciousness, religion, family life, agriculture, manufacturing, small business, close-knit communities, law and order, civil liberties, academic standards, all forms of art, mass political participation within a constitutional framework, and respect for the sanctity of each individual human life from the point of fertilisation to the point of natural death.

At 28, I offer the possibility of many years of service in the future. My mixed ethnic background would also add an unusual, but increasingly important, dimension. I wish to be a workers’ MP on a worker’s wage, accepting only the national average salary for full-time work (the real rate for the job), and donating the rest to political and community causes, and thus rising with the British People rather than above the British People. I should campaign for election on what I firmly believe to be this hugely popular basis.

Some people have mocked me for allegedly suggesting that I am a target for the security services. But I have never suggested this: I merely recounted events that I could not explain, and then they, with their clearly superior knowledge of these matters, explained them in those terms. Please note that, unlike me, they believe Diana, Princess of Wales to have been murdered....

Meanwhile, I hope that you will enjoy the posts below, which are on politics, philosophy, theology, history, literature and other things.

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