Thursday 20 April 2006

A Workers' MP On A Worker's Wage

Could I live in London as a workers' MP on a worker's wage, claiming only the national average wage for full-time work, and donating the rest to political and community causes, in order to rise with the British People rather than above the British People? I don't see why not. After all, plenty of people in London have to survive on a great deal less. Yet I have never been there and seen a waitress, or a barman, or a shop assistant drop dead of starvation.
Since Charles Clarke has today declared the Labour Leadership Election to be an open contest after all, I very much hope that a candidate will emerge promising to be a workers' Prime Minister on a worker's wage, as well as to restore the supremacy of British over EU law, to pull out of Iraq and never again involve Britain in anything remotely like it, to allow only MPs for English seats to vote on purely English matters, to appoint only MPs for English seats as Ministers for purely English affairs, and to ballot the entire electorate as to whether they would like him to be Prime Minister on that basis (with the result to be made public just before internal Labour polls close).

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